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East Africa Bible College

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East   Africa   Bible   College   began   training   pastors   and   ministers   in   Eldoret,   Kenya   in   August   of   1986.      The   campus   was   constructed   under   the leadership   of   Joe   and   Elsie   Arthur.      Rev.   Winston   Hollingsworth   served   as   the   first   director   and   Professor   Paul   Oxley   taught   the   first   courses.     The   school   was   opened   as   a   ministry   of   the   International   Pentecostal   Holiness   Church   which   began   working   in   Kenya   about   ten   years earlier.      For   many   years,   the   school   was   called   East   Africa   Bible Training   Centre   and   it   was   only   open   for   short-term   teaching sessions    (about    nine    weeks    per    year).        The    school    offered certificates    and    diplomas    in    Christian    ministry.        Until    2009, learning   on   the   EABC   campus   was   entirely   on   a   part-time   basis.     The    need    and    demand    for    full-time    learning    options    led    the campus   to   begin   a   full-time   program   in   August   of   2009   under   the leadership    of    Rev.    Douglas    Barton.        This    enabled    students    to finish   the   diploma   program   in   two   years.      Currently   EABC   offers full-time,   part-time,   and   weekend   learning   schedules.      In   2012, EABC   was   officially   registered   with   the   Kenya   Ministry   for   Education.      Currently   EABC   offers   a   certificate   and   diploma   program   with   plans   to launch   a   new   bachelor’s   degree   program   in   the   future.      EABC   is   also   preparing   to launch   satellite   programs   across   East   Africa   for   part-time   learning   in   the   certificate program.      EABC   has   taken   seriously   its   mission   to   train   leaders   from   East   Africa.     The    school    scholarships    one    student    from    each    of    the    East    African    nations including   Kenya,   Uganda,   Rwanda,   Burundi,   Congo,   Tanzania,   Ethiopia,   and   South Sudan.      Today   there   are   well   over   190   alumni   working   across   the   region   to   expand the   Kingdom   of   God.      We   even   have   graduates   who   are   reaching   unreached   people groups   and   Muslims   with   the   Gospel.      Others   are   pastoring   and   planting   churches, operating    children’s    homes,    serving    as    youth    ministers,    assistant    pastors,    or evangelists,    and    leading    regions    of    churches    for    the    IPHC.        EABC    also    takes seriously    its    commitment    to    the    International    Pentecostal    Holiness    Church.      However,   all   students   from   evangelical   backgrounds   are   welcome   to   apply   and participate.      We   currently   have   18   students   enrolled   in   the   full-time   diploma   program   and   more   in   the   part-time   diploma   and   certificate programs.      The   ministry   of   EABC   is   led   by   Kevin   and   Summer   Sneed   from   the   United   States.      The   faculty   includes   the   Sneed’s   along   with   two full   time   Kenyan   instructors   who   hold   bachelor’s   degrees   and   one   part-time   instructor   with   a   master’s   degree.      Adjunct   faculty   from   both Kenya   and   the   United   States   teach   occasionally   throughout   the   year   at   EABC.      The   school   operates   under   the   oversight   of   a   Board   of Governors consisting of both missionaries and African leaders.
a ministry of international Pentecostal holiness Church