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East Africa Bible College

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a ministry of International Pentecostal holiness Church

EABC    is    currently    offering    a    two-year    diploma    program    that    will    equip    you    with    Biblical, theological,   and   practical   ministry   training.      Classes   are   offered   on   a   Semester   system—four months   per   Semester   two   times   a   year.      Each   Semester   includes   six   courses.      EABC   also   has   part time    program    that    is    offered    only    April    and August   for   3000   Kenyan   shillings   ($30)   Tuition fee   our   campus   has   dormitories   for   both   men and women.. Read more ___________________________________  East Africa Bible College (EABC) serving Men and women of God from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and Rwanda OUR HISTORY East Africa Bible College began training pastors and ministers in Eldoret, Kenya in August of 1986.  The campus was constructed under the leadership of Joe and Elsie Arthur.  Rev. Winston Hollingsworth served as the first director and Professor Paul Oxley taught the first courses.  The school was opened as a ministry of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church which began working in Kenya about ten years earlier.  For many years, the school was called East Africa Bible Training Centre and it was only open for short-term teaching sessions (about nine weeks per year).  The school offered certificates and diplomas in Christian ministry.  Until 2009, learning on the EABC campus was entirely on a part-time basis.  Read more

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“We believe that education is vital for the perseverance and success of our church in East Africa. Therefore, we exist to offer education and training to Christian leaders from the IPHC. Our goal is to train at least one student from each country every two years. We offer a scholarship for each country and four scholarships to Kenyan students.” ______________________________________ MEET OUR DIRECTOR _________________________________________ Kevin and Summer Sneed live in Eldoret, Kenya and serve as directors of East Africa Bible College (EABC), the IPHC Bible College serving seven nations in Eastern Africa.  The Sneeds work together to help prepare men and women for leadership in IPHC churches throughout East Africa. EABC offers a holistic education, facilitating classes in Bible, theology, practical ministry, and life skills. Kevin also serves the IPHC congregations of Western Kenya through preaching, teaching, and consulting. Summer is leading the Kenyan women in Girls’ Ministries and works specifically in the areas of training and curriculum development
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a ministry of international Pentecostal holiness Church
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